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School Chaplain



A school chaplain's role is to support the emotional wellbeing of students by providing pastoral care services and strategies that support the emotional wellbeing of the broader school community. Pastoral care is defined in the National School Chaplaincy Program (NSCP) Agreement as ‘the practice of looking after the personal needs of students, not just their academic needs, through the provision of general spiritual and personal advice.'

At Singleton Heights Public School, Jessica Leyshon is  employed on Fridays in the role of School Chaplain.

Role Description:

The school's chaplaincy position complements the care offered by other welfare staff and aims to provide support for the personal and social wellbeing of students and the school community. Key aspects of the role could include:

  • Working with the school's Wellbeing Team and Learning Support Team to plan for and deliver services that develop student resilience and promote wellbeing.
  • Providing students, their families and staff with support and/or appropriate referrals in difficult situations such as during times of grief or when students are facing personal or emotional challenges.
  • Developing relationships with, and referring students/parents/carers to specialist services within the school as appropriate or externally, under the direction of the school Learning Support Team and principal.
  • Organising one-on-one or group sessions with students, parents, staff and other members of the school community as requested and required by the school community, such as the Seasons for Growth program.
  • Attending Parents and Citizens' meetings to provide details of the program and the services that are available.
  • Mentoring/coaching.
  • Providing support and/or appropriate referral in times of grief and other critical events.
  • Facilitating community partnership programs between the school and the wider community, under the direction of the school principal.

As school chaplain, Mrs Leyshon is a member of the school's Wellbeing Team. Department of Education requirements for Professional Learning and Code of Conduct apply to this position.


Requirements of the position are determined by the NSCP Agreement. This includes a timetable of planned activities with students and a term meeting with the school principal (or delegate), completion of a term report which will be submitted to the Regional Chaplaincy Manager and an annual meeting with the Regional Chaplaincy Manager.

Referrals to the Chaplain can be made by the following:

  1. Class teachers through their Stage Assistant Principal/School Learning Support Team
  2. School Executive
  3. Parents


Mrs Leyshon will be located in the front office meeting room and will be providing in-class support.

If you would like further information on the program or would like to make an appointment, please contact the school office on 6573 1363.