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K6K Kids Day

Kids Day K6K

K6K had a wonderful day with two special kids. Their names are Thelma and Louise. Thelma and Louise belong to Ms Buckley and live on her property. They are five week old Boar goats. They are really cute and we needed to feed them milk with a bottle.

They spent the day in the old chicken run and lots of children stopped to admire them. Several classes stopped and watched us feed the goats.

K6K wrote interesting information reports on goats and learned about the different varieties of goats. We learned a male can be called a Billy goat and a female is a Nanny goat. Thelma and Louise loved having cuddles and playing with us. It was great to learn how all babies need to be cuddled and fed. We were very gentle with them and laughed when they tried to climb over us.