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Have fun with maths this summer

Three children swimming underwater in a swimming pool.

No matter what you’ve got planned these summer holidays, add the magic of maths to your child's summer break with our fun maths activities.

Whether you are exploring one of our many beautiful national parks, going for a swim, baking or creating a robot, enjoy exploring the wonder and amazement of maths everyday with your family.

All these activities will help your child expand and increase their skills and understanding in concepts like measurement, volume, time and puzzle solving.

Maths is all around us and by engaging with our maths activities, you can show that maths is fun and at the same time, continue your child’s learning journey this summer.

There are many great activities to create with the magic of maths such as:

  • Sketching a portrait
  • Giving directions with and without a map
  • Playing car cricket
  • Making paper planes

While your child is on holidays, use these entertaining activities so that they can have lots of fun while learning that maths is exciting and is part of everything we see and do.

So pack a bag, bring sunscreen, take plenty of water and visit our summer holidays mathematics activities.