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Frequently Asked Questions

How old must my child be to be enrolled in Kindergarten?

Children who turn 5 on or before 31st July may be enrolled in the Kindergarten class of that year. Often children who turn 5 in the months of April, May, June and July are not enrolled until the following year. The extra year of maturity can help them to be much more ready for school.


Can I enrol my child if I live outside the Singleton Heights Zone?

This depends on space which will vary from year to year. An Out of Zone Enrolment form will need to be submitted for consideration. All enquires should be directed to the Principal.


Where can I buy school uniforms?

The school has its own uniform shop at the back of the hall which operates with volunteers from our school P&C:

It opens on Wednesday mornings from 8.45 am - 9.30 am    

School uniforms can also be ordered via the Flexischools app or website. These purchases are delivered to students classes once a week..

What are the school colours?

A gold shirt and dark brown skorts/shorts/tracksuit or a brown-checked tunic.


Does the school have a canteen?

The school canteen is open every recess and lunchtime and is run by volunteers under the supervision of the canteen co-coordinators.  Lunch orders can be done online via or placed by students over the counter 


What will I do if my child is late to school?

If your child arrives late to school, or you need to collect your child early from school, please sign them in/out at the school office. When leaving early the office staff will contact the class teacher to arrange for your child to meet you in the office. This helps us maintain accurate records as required by the DET.


What happens if my child forgets his or her lunch?

Children who forget their lunch are advised to tell their teacher who will organise a sandwich (cheese or vegemite) for them. A green note will go home advising you of this.


What happens if my child is sick at school?

Children who are sick are sent to the sick bay until their parents can collect them. If your child is sick, please keep them home to stop the spread of infection to others.


My child needs to keep their asthma puffer with them. Is this allowed?

Yes, provided the school medical form has been submitted. The puffer needs to be kept in their bag and not given to any other child.


What do I do if my child requires medication?

All prescribed medication must be brought to the office and under no circumstances should it be left with the child (except for personal puffers). Prescribed medication will be dispersed by the office staff as per instructions.


What happens if my child is injured at school? 

Unfortunately accidents do sometimes occur. Minor bumps and scrapes are treated by the teacher on duty. More serious concerns are dealt with through the office. Parents may be contacted and an ambulance may need to be called. If your child suffers a bump to the head, you will be called as part of our procedures. Please ensure your contact details are up to date.


Is there a "No hat - No play" policy?

The school has a "No hat - play in the shade" policy which encourages children to exercise some personal responsibility. A wide brim/ bucket hat is to be worn, caps are not permitted.


What do I do if my child loses an item?

All lost property is returned to a box in the front office waiting area. It is the child's responsibility to search the box. Clothing that is clearly marked with the child's name is easily returned. Please label all items as replacing them can be costly.


How much are school fees?

Our school fees are $50.00 for first child and $25.00 per additional student in the family.  Payment is voluntary but funds collected go towards paying our photocopying bill and general day to day expenses. There are no set text books; teachers create their own lessons from various sources which are then photocopied. The school fees help pay for these costs.


Will my child get homework?

Homework is not sent home at SHPS.


Does Singleton Heights School cater for children with disabilities?

The school has a proud policy and reputation for quality inclusion of children with disabilities where possible.

 What is welfare?

Welfare underpins everything we do. It is everything the school does to support the child in the school by making them feel safe, valued and supported. The school runs a number of special programs, provision of lunches and uniforms, financial support and provision of opportunity. The school also has an extensive discipline code which supports welfare.


Can I get a copy of our Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) Values ?

Our school  PBL values are:

1) Respect

2) Responsibilty

3) Excellence


What do I do if I have a concern about my child's progress?

Contact the school on 02 6573 1363 to arrange an interview with your child's teacher. Serious concerns can be addressed with the Principal or Deputy Principal. 


Will I get a school report?

Each child receives a written report in Semester One and Semester Two. A informal parent/teacher meet and great is available in Term One. 3-way conferences with parent/teacher/student are early in Semester Two Other interviews can be arranged by contacting the school.


What happens at Special Religous Education (SRE) ?

SRE occurs every Tuesday for 30 minutes. Students are placed in a non-denominational class. If parents do not wish their children to take part in SRE then they must indicate this in writing, knowing that only passive supervision can be supplied.